The Power to Turn TVs OFF*

Using TV-B-Gone

  1. Point the TV-B-Gone toward a TV.
  2. Press the button once (no need to hold the button down).
  3. Keep pointing it at the TV until the TV turns off (which may take up to 69 seconds, but most TVs will respond within the first few seconds).
    More information on how the TV-B-Gone works.

Instant Reactivation Feature

You can press the button at any time to instantly start over.  This is a great feature to use if you want to eminently turn a TV back on.

Stealth Mode

‘Stealth Mode’ will limit the number of times the LED light will display.  To operate in ‘Stealth Mode’ simply double-click the button and the LED will flash once when it starts and it will flash 8 times when it finishes.

We have 3 models of TV-B-Gone

The North American & Asian model works for televisions in the US, Canada,  Mexico, and Australia, as well as many Asian countries (may also work in other countries that use NTSC video). The European model works for televisions in European countries and Australia (may also work in other countries that use PAL or SECAM video).  The PRO version is disguised to look like a smartphone, but it really is a powerful TV remote control designed to do one thing, Turn Off the TV.

Tips on the effective use of your TV-B-Gone

The keychain TV-B-Gone remote control is very small and weighs very little compared to most other remote controls. The batteries are also extremely small, but be assured that batteries (watch batteries) are included and already installed on the device!

It may take up to 69 seconds for the television to turn off, but most TVs will turn off within the first few seconds. Although we tried our best to make your TV-B-Gone remote control turn off any and all TV’s, there may be some few that it won’t turn off.

Instant Reactivation Feature: This new feature allows you to press the button at any time to RESTART transmission of all of its infrared codes. Since the codes for the most popular TVs are closest to the beginning of the sequence, you can shut off more TVs faster, without waiting the full 69 seconds, as with the original version.

Bigger Battery: Another new feature is that it has a bigger battery, allowing it to last even longer than the original model.

Flashing LED: This light indicates that the unit is sending out its signal. (If you don’t want the flashing LED on, simply double-click at the beginning of a new sequence.) The small, clear emitter node at the front will not light up or glow – actually, it does light up with infrared light but you can’t see it!


Click here to view a PDF of the TV-B-Gone Pro SHP (gen 5) User’s Manual.

TV-B-Gone Kit – Universal Build Your Own TV-B-Gone Kit

Click here to view the TV-B-Gone Universal Build Your Own Kit User’s Manual.

Battery Replacement

  1. Remove the screw and pry the two plastic halves apart.
  2. Remove all batteries from both sides (labeled B1 and B2) of the board.
  3. Place one new CR2032 battery in B1 and one new CR2032 battery in B2. The plus (+) side of each battery should face away from the board. Both batteries are CR2032 3v lithium coin cell batteries. (The original model TV-B-Gone remotes came with three 2016 batteries but from our research, we found it best to put in two 2032 batteries instead, which are bigger, longer-lasting, and almost the same price. We recommend it when replacing the batteries in all TV-B-Gone models.)
  4. Place the board into the top plastic half. Make sure the switch on the board faces the inside of the top plastic half.
  5. Press the two plastic halves together and replace the screw.