The Power to Turn TVs OFF*


TV-B-Gone Keychain Remote
The TV-B-Gone® universal remote control allows you to turn virtually any TV On or OFF.  We prefer OFF.

You control when you see TV, rather than what you see. The TV-B-Gone Keychain remote is so small that it easily fits in your pocket so that you have it handy whenever you need it, wherever you go: bars, restaurants, laundromats, ballparks, arenas, etc.

You can use TV-B-Gone® to control access to television for philosophical or practical reasons, or simply to have fun!
—Mitch Altman, Inventor of TV-B-Gone®

The TV-B-Gone is an environmental management device.  Having dinner with friends in a restaurant with loud TVs?  Just point and click and enjoy your evening with your friends.

TV-B-Gone® is a type of Universal Remote Control that works by shining pulses of invisible light that tells most any TV to turn OFF or On. The TV-B-Gone® Keychain works great.  The TV-B-Gone Pro Super High Power (SHP) works even better!

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