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Cornfield Electronics, Inc.
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Tel. 866-851-5282 (Please leave a detailed message and a member of our team
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ARTÉMIA Communications, Inc.
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ARTÉMIA Communications, Inc.
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Our company, Cornfield Electronics Inc., started out as a family business. Mitch Altman, president and founder, invented the company's hit product TV-B-Gone® and turned the product into an international success practically overnight. The device has caught on with a broad audience that uses it for a variety of practical, philosophical, and humorous purposes. Cornfield Electronics has built a name for itself as a provider of electronics that enable people to make their lives easier, to make a statement, and to have fun. A simple yet groundbreaking concept!

Our Mission

The Cornfield Electronics team believes that technology should be used to build things that are truly useful. Our mission is therefore simple:

We Make Useful Electronics for a Better World

TV-B-Gone® is a great example of our commitment to creating a better world by creating useful electronics. With this universal remote control, you can instantly free up time and personal space wherever you go! Such a small device with such enormous potential to change things for the better…


Mitch Altman

President & CTO of Cornfield Electronics

Armed with a Masters degree from the University of Illinois, Altman is a true electronics veteran who has served his time in several Silicon Valley start-ups. He has over 20 years of experience in innovative design. He developed virtual reality at VPL Research, developed small disk drive technology at Aura, and he co-founded 3ware, Inc., a disk drive controller company. Using management and technical skills drawn from his experience, and driven by his passion for controlled TV use, he founded Cornfield Electronics in 2004.

Betsy Johnsen

Vice President

Johnsen joined Cornfield Electronics in 2005. In her position of Vice President, she leverages her extensive business skills and experience in customer relationship and operations management. Johnsen holds a Masters degree in Human Services Management from Brandeis and a law degree from Hastings. Her commercial capabilities have been instrumental in effectively responding to the immense popularity of TV-B-Gone® universal remote controls.

George Kemp

Director of Operations

Kemp joined Cornfield Electronics in time to make the manufacturing of TV-B-Gone® a reality. Bringing his twenty years' experience with international contract manufacturers, Kemp successfully leads manufacturing and distribution efforts, and ensures the delivery of high quality products at a competitive price. Over the last twenty years, Kemp has been responsible for the development and administration of several Supplier Management programs and Quality Control programs, working together closely with R&D teams. Kemp's skill set extends to offshore sourcing, production verification, test, component sourcing, tooling, assembly, process control, and final product acceptance. He is well versed in statistical process control, ISO 9000 procedures and design for Six Sigma.

Advisory Board

Jim McDonald

Founder & CTO of 3ware, Inc.

Bryan Silbermann

Founder & CEO of Avicor, Inc.

Martin Eberhard

Co-Founder of Network Computing Devices, Inc.

Founder & CEO of NuvoMedia, Inc.

Founder & CEO of Tesla Motors Inc.

Barbara Wichmann

Founder & CEO of ARTÉMIA Communications, Inc.


Working for Cornfield Electronics

Cornfield Electronics Inc. is an equal opportunities employer with a strong commitment to the individual growth of its employees. We are always interested in receiving open applications from talented, resourceful team players who are tech savvy, share our passion for improving the world through useful electronics, and have a good sense of humor. Please send your resume and cover letter to Should an opportunity come up that fits your qualifications and profile, we may contact you. Please, no phone calls.

Job Openings

Sorry, Cornfield Electronics Inc. currently has no job openings. Please check back later.

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