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Love it or hate it, TV is all around us. As you may have noticed, our favorite electronic apparatus is increasingly serving as background noise. As audiovisual wallpaper, if you will. Dr. Phil, Homer Simpson, Diane Sawyer – they all shout for our attention as we vacuum, clean, talk on the phone, or read a magazine.

TV-B-Gone® universal remote control is the first fruit of our technical savvy, embodying our belief in empowerment, and sense

of humor. This universal remote control fits in your pocket and allows you to discreetly turn TVs off or on wherever you go. TV-B-Gone® fans around the world are using it for a variety of practical, philosophical, and humorous purposes. Imagine the possibilities…

TV-B-Gone® is the first of a series of truly useful technological solutions for a better world that puts you in charge.

Welcome to our better world!

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